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Stay alive! [06 Feb 2014|09:35pm]
I read an article about accounts from once popular websites being deleted/purged because they haven't been used in years. It would make me really sad if this was deleted because it wasn't touched in forever. Too many memories that I don't want to lose just yet. :)
Happy 2014.
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here we go again [07 Sep 2010|11:03pm]
back to not sleeping. I made it through the entire month of August sleeping well and feeling good about myself.

Now I've gone and let myself go back to where I started. I feel like an idiot. And I'm not sleeping.

I see a correlation. I'd make a good case study.

Too bad I can't write a dissertation about myself.

Things will get better. And if they don't, then maybe they weren't good to begin with. It's out of my hands so I can't force it either way, I guess.
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14. Oh, oh, oh...lympics [13 Feb 2010|08:41pm]
Tradition warrants that I say
To my Zach, happy birthday!

email, text, phone call, facebook, birthday card, package, livejournal, voicemail.
I think I've tapped all my resources! On that note, perhaps I'll journey to Parker to meet up with the Hollywood crew. Or maybe I'll stay home and watch the Olympics O:)
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16. So much freaking snow!! [11 Feb 2010|12:59am]
I have never seen so much snow in my life. We got hammered twice within a week, with this second storm far exceeding the first. Friday into Saturday we got about 18-22 inches, today we got well over 2 feet. So there is over 3 feet of snow on the ground in some places, and the snow plows have made mountains that will be here til April. Its crazy. It snowed heavily for a solid 26 hours. LaSalle closed today (and tomorrow) and NHS is closed tomorrow. Yay snowdays, its like being in high school again :)

I'll be 24 in 16 days. Things are good. School is good, life is good, I'm feeling pretty happy at this point and I'm not dreading my birthday nearly as much as I usually do. 23 was a good year. I accomplished a lot of things. And while I still have a long road ahead of me, I can actually feel good about what I've done this year in my life.

Go Mets!

say whaaaaat [24 Jan 2010|03:19am]
Look at me posting twice in january.
I must feel unable to write by hand while completely able to vent while typing with no one to talk to.
Its 3:16 hahaha.

It was a good night while a terrible night. I laughed and I cried. I said things that I've wanted to say for a long time. I heard things that I should never have heard, but its not a bad thing that I heard them.

Things are ultimately good.

Things are getting better.

I think thats what counts.

I did two things tonight...actually three. I had 3 conversations tonight that I'm so glad I had, I think they will make things way better than they were. Than they are.

I'm blessed.
I'm rambling.

I should sleep.

Looooots of reading and maybe football tomorrow.

Good night.
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link number 9? [04 Jan 2010|09:49pm]
new year, new decade, new link, same kim
kind of.

In 2008, I learned to stand.
In 2009, I began to walk.
In 2010, I plan to run.

It should be a big year for me. It should be a defining year for me.
Time to let go of what needs to be let go of. Time to hold on to what needs to be held on to. Time to welcome new things. Time to experience my life in a way that it's never been experienced before.
Time to see if I really know what I want to do, or if its just some idealized vision of what I say I want to do. I know the broad sense is right on, but now is to find out if the specific details are accurate or just some twisted vision that I had.
2010 will answer everything.

And we're off :)
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I feel like a kid again! [27 Oct 2009|11:18pm]
Halloween is just a few days away :) Jimmy is coming up and we started a big giant theme: cereal characters.
Technically, my genius brother started it by being Capn Crunch. We discussed a captain theme for a while, then opted for cereal instead.
So, I am Snap. Alex and Dave are rounding out the Crackle and Pop. Other Dave will be Waldo, who has been on many a Life cereal boxes in his day. We also have the Cinnamon Toast Crunch baker man, the honey nut cheerios bee, Lucky the Leprechaun, the Flintstones gang from fruity pebbles...I know i'm missing something. But I'm excited.
We are totally deserving of the best theme prize at Kildares. I'm excited :)

Anyway, that wasn't the point of me coming to write tonight. I had a point. But I lost it.

Uhm. First year comps were about two months ago. Tomorrow I'm turning in my 2nd year competency exam. I hope it passes because I don't want to go through it again. Hopefully I'll know by Thanksgiving, or Christmas at the latest. We shall seeee.

I can't get over how much I've changed since starting here. Its really only been 15 months, but it feels like so much longer in so many ways. I've found myself. I've found my rhythm. And while I know I don't belong in Philadelphia forever, I know that this is where I'm supposed to be right now, and I've never felt that in my life, not even at UVA.
I've found a confidence in myself that I never knew was there. I've discovered things about myself that I never would have known otherwise.
I like this feeling. Its funny, but I think I'm happy. Like, for real. Happy.
Which of course means something terrible is about to happen because I'm not supposed to be happy, but again, we shall seeeee.

OK, well, whatever reason I had for coming here is completely gone, so I may as well proof my child psychopathology midterm and call it a night. Looong wednesday tomorrow.
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randomness O:) [05 Jun 2009|09:27pm]
In no particular order:

1. Today at work, I rolled my eyes more in a 5 hour period than I ever have in my entire life combined.

2. My family is awesome. I can't wait to see them next week. I'm truly blessed :)

3. Life suddenly got really, really busy. I like it, a lot. But it scares me more than anything else. I'm seeing patients now. I'm becoming somebody. And I'm terrified that now that I finally know what I want to do with myself, I'll fall short of it. Well, I've known what I wanted to do for a while, but now that I'm so close to it, it would hurt a lot more to fail.

4. Today, I made time to stand in the rain :) I think my favorite thing in the world is to just..be in the rain.

5. I am so lucky to have found an amazing group of people in Philadelphia. I love it here, and my friends are incredible.

6. I am finally figuring myself out. I have moments now where I amaze myself at what I'm doing. I'm on my way to doing it more. I like it.

7. I need to get my fingerprints done at the police station for my practicum. And I need my transcript to finally be finished from last semester. Then I'm all set to start my practicum in 4 weeks!

8. I am signing a lease for my new apartment Thursday. I am so excited to live on my own, without a roommate, for the first time in my life.

9. I lost my to-do list the other day and essentially lost myself. I am way too dependent on these lists.

10. My room is completely spotless at the moment.

11. I opted to stay in tonight because I wanted time for myself. I could be out right now, but I'm much happier in my sweatpants, on my bed, watching the Mets. Though I'd be happier if the game wasn't tied. Well, I'd be happier if the Mets were winning.

12. I'm going to the Grabher family reunion next weekend. Haven't been to one of those since May of first grade. I'm more of less in May of seventeenth grade. So yeah, its been 16 years. I'm good at math.

13. My laundry is done so I'm going to fold load one and put load two in the dryer. Bye!
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yeah, so [22 Apr 2009|12:27am]
life is so incredibly strange.

It is going to be an interesting trip back to VA.
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10. kaboom. [17 Feb 2009|10:52pm]
Maybe I'm suffering from Marilyn Munster syndrome.
I'm starting to think there is no one normal out there.
psychopathology is ruining everything, ha.

I'll be another year older in 10 days.
I'm making a vow to stop the self-sabotage. I am going to be happy. I deserve to be happy.

I just need to find normal, stable people in order to make that happen, methinks.

boom. crash.
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and new link [01 Jan 2009|03:06pm]
Yet another link. Again. Since 2002. Its funny to watch the evolution of this thing.
Its basically like watching me grow up.
Watching priorities change.
Watching people change.
Watching life change.

I wonder where 2009 will end and 2010 will begin. Guess the only way to find out is to experience 2009, which will undoubtedly be a very interesting year.

Go Mets!

Philadelphia... [14 Jun 2008|08:55pm]
I think I've found where I belong.
In a word, its perfect :)  It just stinks that I have to leave so much behind to get there.

I just want the next 8 weeks to fly so I can move and be settled and start the next chapter of my life.  There's nothing left for me here, but there's everything for me just around the corner.
Go Mets!

woot [17 Apr 2008|10:40pm]
I got what I was looking for!
Go Mets!

life! [07 Apr 2008|05:34pm]
I guess all I really want to know is whether or not I'm wasting my time.
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whoops [02 Mar 2008|03:26pm]
I made a mistake!  Well, I made a lot of them, but one in particular stands out and I really have no way to fix it, short of contracting a well-timed stomach flu.  I work in a doctor's office.  So maybe it won't be too hard to arrange.
Stomach flus are helpful when it comes to losing weight, too.  I like my weight just fine, don't get me wrong, but it never hurts to lose 3 pounds.

I'm 22.
I have a puppy.  She currently weighs 3 poundsish, I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow.  I wish I could afford this dog, but at least I'm doing a good job pretending I can afford her in the meantime =)
A bunch of people are home on break this week :) It makes me happy cause I get to see some of my favorites!

I still don't know where I fit.  It seems like the more I think about it or the more I ask about it or the more options I test, the more I realize where I don't fit.  So at least I'm eliminating possibilities :D  Next stop Philly, we'll see from there.  Five months of work left!

Osaka in 2 hours yay
Go Mets!

14. countdown? [13 Feb 2008|07:24pm]
Today is the best numbered day in the best month of the year.
Today also happens to be my poptart's birthday :)

I've been accepted into grad school.  I've got more interviews ahead and I'm actually turning down an interview at a school in florida.  So nothing is final yet, but as I'm ruling out the one southern school I applied to, it would appear that I am heading north in august, most likely somewhere in Pennsylvania.  Hooray :)
January 28th was a landmark day for two reasons, my first acceptance being one of them.  The second being something far less important, but noteworthy to me no less.  Could I be more vague?

Anyways, I need to clean and pack.  Leaving for another interview after work tomorrow, then over to Boston to visit the birthday boy :D
(can you believe the poem was already 2 years ago?)
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new link =-o [01 Jan 2008|11:36am]
Looking back on 2007, it was really nothing like I expected.  It had its incredible highs, but at the same time I found myself lower than I've ever been before early in the fall.
Its crazy to think of the potential change that 08 might bring.  For all I know, I'll be living in Maryland, Connecticut, even Florida come September.  I'm officially starting work full time tomorrow.  One thing is for certain...Billy and Natalie won't have a new baby this May, haha
I now have 18 silver dollars.  I'm still missing 1990, and I dunno if I'll ever get 86 or 87.  But I've got every year besides those for all my years on this earth!
Anyway, I'm not feeling much like writing, sooo...
Go Mets!

Tradition says so! [25 Dec 2007|11:55pm]
I guess every year I come here to list what I got for Christmas, so here I am!
But first, I must say that I have such an amazing family :) It was so much fun with Emily and Will there at 7:30 this morning, still in their pajamas :) I like how both my brothers came from their respective homes to open presents Christmas morning as we always have done, it was great =)
So, here's a basic rundown:

-A whole lot of stuff with logos from my newfound Alma Mater, including a UVA toothbrush, cell phone holder, leather jacket, and memo book
-NEW JEANS...finally ;)
-Other random clothes
-4 games for the Wii (which, after a trade with Billy, wound up being Mario Galaxy, Smarty Pants, Nintendo-Sega Olympics, and Guitar Hero 3)
-A bunch of stuff for Yoga-Pilates because now that I'm home from school/not walking everywhere anymore I need some form of exercise!
-A book that I forgot the title to
-A cross-stitch which I believe will eventually belong to my mom once it is framed O:)
-A DAVID WRIGHT FAT HEAD...like the commercials!
-This gigantic crossword puzzle that's gonna go on the wall in the family room so everyone can write on it whenever they feel like working on it :)
-Disaronno which I believe will be mixed with orange juice come New Years?
-Random food stuffs
-Some DVDs
-a $25 gift card to Red Lobster and $15 to starbucks
and my personal favorite, my brand new GPS :D Its amazing, its not like Jimmy's which only holds like, 5 states at a time.  This one already has everything in it.  And instead of offering one route, it offers 4. And it stores pretty much everything. And tells you where to find pretty much any place you could ever think of, even without knowing the address. And that was just me standing in the driveway playing with it, I can only imagine what it does when its on the road!  Its making me look very much forward to my roadtrip this February!

Also worthy of note is what I received yesterday from my poptart!  I got a season of scrubs which I've already put to good use (I've only watched 4 episodes...in one sitting...) and quite possibly the best office decoration ever, hehe.  And cheetos which I'm surprised haven't been eaten yet!
And on Christmas eve I got myself a present when I got a new phone from Alltel for $50.  Not too shabby :D

I feel spoiled!
Merry Christmas :) <3
Go Mets!

first snow of the year <3 [05 Dec 2007|03:49pm]
I was babysitting this morning, Jacob and I were sitting on the floor,  playing with legos.  We were in the process of building the biggest tower ever when I looked out the window and got all excited!
"Jacob!  Come look outside!" I exclaimed as I ran to look at the snow.  He followed me and pointed with enthusiasm, "Look!  A GARBAGE TRUCK!"
Its a shame youth is wasted on the young.
About 10 minutes later his mom ran into the room, as excited as I was and said "Jacob! Did you see the snow?" and he flat out ignored her, working diligently on his lego tower.  But once I got him bundled up and out in the snow, he was so excited and didn't want to come in.
It was the perfect first snow of the year :)
Then I had to snap back to reality.  Becca gave me a graduation present.  She sells photographs to make some extra cash while she stays at home with her 2 babiesss and she basically goes around Grounds taking the most gorgeous pictures.  Well, she framed three and told me to "hang it on my wall in my office someday."  Its beautiful and I love it :)  On top is the sundial in black and white, the middle is the Rotunda in color (the TJ statue side) and the bottom is a black and white looking through the pillars onto the Lawn.
I'm one class, one test, and one final away from graduation.  My parents want to drive up here next month to get my diploma, stage me on the rotunda in my mom's cap and gown since I won't get mine til April, and take winter graduation pictures.  Then we'll come back in May when I'll walk the Lawn with the rest of my year and take the real graduation pictures, haha.
Everything is becoming so real.  I can't wait to start work full time :D
I was walking home from my test and the snow had stopped, and so I went into Clark to get a white mocha and then I went back outside and it was snowing again.  So I was walking home with a hot beverage in the snow and it was just so nice.  This place is magical.  I realized that if I could go back to senior year of high school knowing what I know now, the decision would have been so much easier.  It would always be the University of Virginia.  I am a Cavalier, I am a Wahoo, and that is never, ever going to change :)
Syracuse game tonight at 7:30!  Its my last sporting event as an undergrad :'( But the end just means the beginning of something else.
And this, of course, is the start of something big.
Go Mets!

5:00 sunsets?! [25 Nov 2007|05:27pm]
8 days of classes, couple tests...and I am finished with my undergraduate degree.  I have 23 days until I am finished with college.  Two response papers, and extra credit paper, two tests, one final.  That thought is so scary and exciting to me.  In a little over a month, I'll have a diploma hanging from my wall, AHH!  Then I'll be working full time as a case manager helping more people and making more money than I ever have before and everything is just so different but its a good different :)
I put transmission fluid in my car today, but it only needed half a bottle.  I drove to C-ville today and I had no transmission problems, so I think I figured out what was wrong with my Jeep!  However, this does mean that there is half a bottle of transmission fluid floating around in the back of my car.  We all know what happened last time!
It took about 6 months to get the stink out O:)
I like how there is this giant unresolved issue floating somewhere in the universe at this point.  I like how we got past it without having to discuss it.  I wonder how soon it will come crashing back down to earth, though. I can't be too hopeful that it completely disappeared!
I'm so excited about christmas this year. :) Emily will actually be able to open her own presents and I can't wait to see how she reacts to them all.  And I'm really excited about some of the things I've gotten for people...especially the poptart!  I can't wait to send that package, there's some pretty cool stuff in there :D
I am currently writing two papers and reading 5 gazillion pages of things that I neglected over Thanksgiving break.  I'm such a slacker.  But I'm suffering from last-semester-itis so its ok :)
Alrighty, well, I guess I'm gonna take a nap and thus further my procrastination! :)
Go Mets!

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